Switch Commuter Bike

Posted On May 28, 2009

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This a high performance foldable bike keeping easy handling in busy places. The article said the main target users of this bike are those who would like to ride from here to there because of their employment.

To add my two cents, this bike is useful. Especially for people who work or live in big city. For me, I hope I can get this bike at Japan. Because Kochi City where I live, I need a bike as my transportation, but not anywhere can go with bike. If I could get this bike, I can bring it with me when I need to ride a bus or train, then I can continue my journey.


One Response to “Switch Commuter Bike”

  1. akiho828

    woh,it’s amazing.It is really useful for busy workeres,travelers and we university students. Although it is so convenient,I little bit concern this bike’s desigh.I know many bikes which are more better desigh and more useful than one,but we cannot buy at all,so it is very expensive.I want you know that there are various kinds of bikes in the world.

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