Unusual and creative Alarm Clock

Posted On June 18, 2009

Filed under Cool Stuff

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Almost eveyone in this world, we need a alarm clock to wake us up in the morning. I also need to alarm clock to wake me up. But…

Sometime I can’t wake up on time… And I had broke many alarm clock which wake me up responsible everyday. Maybe I need something that is firm and loud  :-P

Let me show you some creative alarm clock.

Clocky Alarm Clock…It is interesting. But I don’t think I have energy to chase it in the early morning…Maybe I will put on my blanket again and ignore it :-P

Smash Alarm Clock…I really hope I can have this :-P Smash a alarm clock is something fun! I think. Since it use for smash then I won’t broke my alarm clock again. (^_-)v

Bacon Alarm Clock…Maybe it is a nice idea to wake under good smell. But don’t you ever think that you will dream some interesting dream of food when this alarm clock “rang” ?

Paper Alarm Clock…This is cool!!! It feel good when you scrunch it! I think :-P

Silent Alarm Clock…This is suitable for those couple who wake up in different time.


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