Bento Art (blog test)

Posted On June 30, 2009

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This article is about bento art. Usually bento art are decorated to look like people, animals and famous characters.

To add my two cents, bento is usually prepare by mother in Japan. But I really can’t understand why Japanese mother prepare lunch box with full of cute character and decorate like an art. For me, bento just a kind of food. Yes, maybe you can say nowadays bento it is a art. But I still can’t understand, maybe it is because I’m not from lunch box culture?

My family or can say in my country, our mother usually don’t prepare lunch box for us. It is because we usually have our lunch in canteen or cafeteria in school. My first lunch box that my mother had prepared for me was a piece of peanut butter sandwich, not a lunch box with cute character. Of course my mother will prepared me a proper lunch box, but not always. When I have a proper lunch box, I won’t complain anything. You must satisfied with what your mother done for you, especially when she had to wake up early in the morning to prepare delicious food for you.

Although Japanese mother wake up early to prepare for their children everyday, but some of them are using frozen food. This is some thing that I can’t understand. It is because when we talk about frozen food, the first thing come in our mind are additives. If you really love your children, why you can let your children eat food that full of additives? I feel sympathy with Japanese children although they have cute bento. In my country, frozen food for lunch box is not really popular. Because we are not in lunch box culture. So when our mother prepare lunch box, they will cook in fresh ingredients with full of love (^_-)v .

Let me show you some cute bento that made by frozen food.

They really look cute, but I think I will not eat it. If I think about the additives that they had added.


This graphic is from


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