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Posted On June 23, 2009

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I like cup and mug too, or you can say I like kitchen ware. :-P

I like to collect cup and mug, but I seldom use my collection. It is because, I’m afraid it will get broke.

In this article:

Stacked Cups…It’s cute! ^_^

On/Off Mug…It’s fancy and interesting. when the word “ON” show up, it let me think about the mug is start “working” .

Smile cup…It’s CUTE!!! You will feel well if you see the smiling face.,I think.

Tea Bag Coffin…It’s really a fantastic idea!


Unusual and creative Alarm Clock

Posted On June 18, 2009

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Almost eveyone in this world, we need a alarm clock to wake us up in the morning. I also need to alarm clock to wake me up. But…

Sometime I can’t wake up on time… And I had broke many alarm clock which wake me up responsible everyday. Maybe I need something that is firm and loud  :-P

Let me show you some creative alarm clock.

Clocky Alarm Clock…It is interesting. But I don’t think I have energy to chase it in the early morning…Maybe I will put on my blanket again and ignore it :-P

Smash Alarm Clock…I really hope I can have this :-P Smash a alarm clock is something fun! I think. Since it use for smash then I won’t broke my alarm clock again. (^_-)v

Bacon Alarm Clock…Maybe it is a nice idea to wake under good smell. But don’t you ever think that you will dream some interesting dream of food when this alarm clock “rang” ?

Paper Alarm Clock…This is cool!!! It feel good when you scrunch it! I think :-P

Silent Alarm Clock…This is suitable for those couple who wake up in different time.

Decorative fire extinguishers

Posted On June 15, 2009

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One thing that caught my eye is these fire extinguishers were cool and beautiful!! It is different from usual. In my point of view the usual fire extinguisher is very ugly…

The fire extinguishers that show in this article was very trendy. I like the one with orange colour check! 

Sometime it was very pity to have an ugly fire extinguisher when the space have great design. With these we can match the interior design of a room or a restaurant. 

  I’ll hope to have one if I can. Maybe I ‘ll not use it, but just make it a cool collection. :-P

Transparent Public Toilets

Posted On June 7, 2009

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Transparent public toilet from Switzerland, do you have the courage to use it? I don’t have :P Although it seem safe to use.

Unusual Computer Mouse Design

Posted On June 5, 2009

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This is a article of creative and unusual computer mouse designs from all over the world.

If posible I would like to have the Inflatable Computer Mouse, it can save the space inside the bag and Washable Computer Mouse, we use the mouse everyday so they are many bacteria on the mouse, if we can wash it, it is good for our health.

Real Mouse Computer Mouse is very scary and pitiful.

Numlock Handle

Posted On June 4, 2009

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By using this numlock handle, you can enter your home without using any keys. Numlock Handle is unlocked when you roll its four tumblers to the correct numbers.

Don’t you think this handle is something that will come out in 007 movie series or some spy movie?

The handle looks great, but something need to worry is, we can’t open the door when the numlock is broke! Because the door don’t have any key! :-P

Spoonys Packaging

Posted On May 29, 2009

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Spoonys is a complete concept soup solution that combines two parts, one is the spoonys packaging and another one is spoonys snack bar. Spoonys packaging consists of two soup pot and two spoons.

I like soup very much! Such as, mushroom soup, pumpkin soup and etc. If I can have this, I can have my soup any time! :-P

I don’t like instant soup. I don’t think they taste good. Unfortunately, I can’t find any good place to have my “soup time” in Kochi. I miss the soup from a restaurant which name “Hao Wei Dao” in my hometown in Kuala Lumpur. I hope I can drink it everyday.

Switch Commuter Bike

Posted On May 28, 2009

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This a high performance foldable bike keeping easy handling in busy places. The article said the main target users of this bike are those who would like to ride from here to there because of their employment.

To add my two cents, this bike is useful. Especially for people who work or live in big city. For me, I hope I can get this bike at Japan. Because Kochi City where I live, I need a bike as my transportation, but not anywhere can go with bike. If I could get this bike, I can bring it with me when I need to ride a bus or train, then I can continue my journey.

Wabi Sofa

Posted On May 27, 2009

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The Wabi Sofa is a piece of furniture that swings in your home. It shaped and worked like a swing.

I would like to have this sofa very much!! I like playing swing in the playground when I was a kid. But now I can’t played with it anymore. Because the playground are not allow adult to sit on the swing, how sad. If I can have this sofa, I can just swing anytime time I want.(^_-)v                 But maybe it is better for me to have a swing inside my back yard rather have a swing sofa inside my house.  :-P

Tetris Furniture

Posted On May 21, 2009

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I’m interest in interior design, let me show you some amazing furniture.

Have you ever played Tetris before? I played it when I was a kid. I like this game very much.

This article is about furniture modeled in tetriminoes.

Don’t you think they look so cute? ^_^ I would like to have them if I have chance. I can change my room design any time I want by using them, or do some tetris game. I hope they are not too heavy :- P

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